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The four boys and the girl

One day, Christine and Paul were in the park. Tom and Antony were in the market. Ben was at Home doing homework. Soon all of them were in the park, and Ben finished his homework. Two strangers approched them. One boy and girl, with a dog. They introduced themselves as Pam and Tom, and the dogs name was Sam. But they were rude. As Cristine was about to introduce herself and her brothers, Sam suddenly lunged and bit her. “Oww” cried Cristine. Her brothers quickly tried to help her, but Jack tripped them. Nevertheless, they stood up and carried their sister to the hospital. “We are telling our parents!” Paul yelled back at them. The nasty children smiled to each other. But their smile froze as they saw the badge Cristine was wearing. ” They have entered the sports competion” Jack hissed. Then Pam had a wicked idea to steal whatever prize Christine won. The great day arrived. ” Get ready for the egg and spoon race” yelled the coach. The race soon finished, and Christine came first place. When she was not looking, Pam swopped her trophy and hid it deep in her bag. Christine cheerfully went home without a clue. When she entered her room, she tried to find her trophy so she could display it on her shelf, but it wasn’t there. She started panicking and quickly told her  
Brothers that it was missing, all except Tom and Paul, who were nowhere to be found. They were in the park playing football behind some trees. Then Pam passed near where they were hiding, but the boys stayed hidden. Then jAck went to Pam. “Guess what I got” pAm smiled evily as she showed Jack the trophy she nicked from Cristine. Jacked eyes went wide, and he whistled. ” pam, u are wicked” Pam grinned ” I know. Fancy a game of netball?” ” Your on” they left all their stuff over there, including the trophy, and left. Meanwhile, Tom and Paul stared at each other in horror. “Do u think that that’s…” Tom uttered. Paul nodded, and they both went to look. Sure enough, on it was written ‘ winner of egg and spoon race’ the boys looked at each other. Paul nodded. That was indeed Christine’s trophy. They quickly grabbed it and ran home to show Christine. When Jack and Pam came back, the trophy was no where.
Moral: don’t steal

Auther: Anth.

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Chapter two of T.P.W

After they managed to setup the traps, they started the action. They were planning on confusing the other two and making them run into the traps they have set. Chatter went to perch on a nearby tree to observe the action, while leo cautiously approached Rufus without him noticing. He was quite close to Rufus and just about to climb him when the plan went haywire. Rufus heard him and pounced. Leo quickly rolled out of his way. “Well, well, well” Rufus grinned. “Tried to trick us eh? Well, now I will capture you!” He snarled and lunged but just before he could grab him, Chatter beat him to it. He flew away, with Leo in his claws, and landed on a tree. Rufus growled and yelped for the other dogs to join him. One, Ripper, was a Labrador retriever, and the other, Bronze, was a Great Dane. They looked up to Rufus as their leader. Then Rufus jumped through the window into the house.” Is he allowed to do that?” Chatter wondered, just as Rufus jumped back out, this time with Marble. Now with their team assembled, they looked around for their prey. They spotted them and the dogs started barking. Leo shivered. “Relax” said Chatter. ” They can’t get us here”. Marble then jumped on to the tree and started climbing. “You were saying?” Leo asked drily. ” Jump on to my back and hold on” said Chatter. Leo did as he asked and held tightly. Chatter jumped off the tree and started to fly. Leo desperately tried to hold on, but couldn’t. To his horror, he began to fall.”Aaaa” he screamed. He fell down from branch to branch , and then finally on the ground. He moaned, as he was quite sore from being slapped by every branch. Fortunately, he and Chatter were not very high on the tree, otherwise he would have broken bones, or worse. He the heard a growling sound above him. He was right under Rufus. Marble hopped down from the tree and looked at him smiling. “Well!” She purred. “Any last words?” Leo could see Chatter flying above him, desperately trying to find him.”yes.” He said. He took a deep breath, and shouted as loud as he could ” Chatter help!”

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Chapter one of  The Pet Wars

The whole fiasco of the letter started with the fight of the two groups, which went astray. The pets all lived with their owners, Mary and James, who were a newly married young couple. The lived in a small apartment on the ground floor. The apartment building had a small little garden, where 2 other dogs, Ripper and Max, lived in their little dog houses. Their one year old golden retriever, Rufus had to stay there, for, although pets are allowed in the apartment, big dogs had to stay outside. Rufus and Marble hatched a cunning plan to spite the other group. They made their plans very carefully. It was decided that Rufus will hide in a bush under the window in which Chatter will enter, while Marble will hide under Leo’s little house. They didn’t know what they will do after they catch, all they knew was they had to catch. The made their preparations very carefully and finished just before the time Chatter was about to come back from his afternoon flight. ” Quick, hide!” Marble said hurrying to her place under Leo’s home. Although Chatter returned, he didn’t come through the window. Instead, he perched on a tree and started playing with the leaves. “What’s taking so long?” Rufus growled impatiently. What he didn’t know, was that Chatter was way smarter than he looked. He noticed Rufus, hiding in the bush. Although the bush was average size, it was not enough to conceal Rufus, whose full tail was visible. Chatter understood what his plan was: wait untill Chatter enters, and then catch him. Chatter guessed that Leo must have the same problem with Marble. He smirked and flew away. It just so happens that Leo’s house was near one of the vents of the house, the vent that doesn’t work. Chatter had went through it once before, and didn’t like it. It was cold and dark through that vent, but he had no choice. He squeezed through it and looked in. His sharp eyes noted marble, who was under the table that was holding Leo’s little house. He decided to distract Marble so he could talk to leo, and bring him to a safe place. Chatter knew how to mimic many songs, and that’s what earned him this name. He decided to mimic Mary, and what she said only yesterday. “Marble! Tuna! Where is that cat?” He grumbled in Mary’s voice. Marble pricked her ears and quickly ran to the kitchen. Chatter chuckled a bit, then went to Leo’s home, took him in his claws, and flew out the vent. “Hey, what’s the big idea?” Leo complained as they landed on a tree. Chatter filled him with all that happened. Leo’s eyes grew wider and bigger. “We should fight back” he informed Chatter when he finished. “We just need a plan…” “Already got one!” Chatter said proudly. He told Leo the plan. Although it was a good plan, he did not expect Leo to agree. Chatter and leo smiled mischievously. The Chase was about to begin…

To be continued

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Pet wars

Hello everyone, hope your Ramadan was easy. Since I was stuck all day long at home, I decided to spend my time writing a small book! I have made that picture as my cover photo because I couldn’t think of any other picture for the cover. Anyways, I named my story ‘Pet Wars ‘. Right now, I couldn’t think of any good title, so I will go with that and then change it later, if I get any good names. So right now, the part of the story below is sort of an intro chapter. I will publish more parts when I complete them. I hope u enjoy!

It was a cruel time, at time of savagery and mischief. A time, when two groups battled each other, almost to death. It was the present. The two groups, were worst enemys. One group, the mouse, Leo, and the green parrot, Chatter, were good friends, as were the second group, the cat, marble, and the dog, Rufus. The two groups of friends may not be perfect models of friendship, but were united in a comman goal, to get rid of the other group. Rufus was jealous of Marble, as she could be inside while he had to stay out. Marble was jealous of Chatter, who can fly wherever he likes. Chatter envied leo for his mini house the owners made for him, and lastly, Leo envied Rufus for his size. These two groups kept trying to rid the house from the other group, until one day, a letter arrived, which changed everything…
To be continued 😱
Dun dun dun 💀

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The Midnight Gang

The Midnight Gang is the latest book by David Walliams, about a 12 year old boy named Tom, who goes to a posh boys boarding school. He had hurt his head while playing cricket, and he had to go to the Lord Funt Hospital. He was placed in the children’s ward by the porter, where 4 more children occupied. Their names were George, Robin, Amber, and poor little Sally, who was the youngest and most ill. George was recovering from tonsils removal, Robin had an eye operation, Amber had broken both legs and arms, and Sally had a very serious illness, and the treatment had cut all her hair. In the morning, they all seemed regular kids, but at midnight, all except Sally, were in a gang called the midnight gang, which helps kids dreams come true. Tom joined them the very night he came, but because Sally was so ill, she wasn’t allowed to join. This is the funniest book I have ever read. I was laughing on every single page.

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Who Will Save The Planet?

‘Who will save the planet?’ is a book by Peter McLennan. It is about 14-year old Jason Saunders, who lives in Sapphire Bay with his parents, and he is really worried about the environment. He really wants the prime minister to get Rotterdam emision control targets, to save the environment from global warming, but no one believes him about global warming. When he lost in a global warming debate, the subject of global warming gets stuck on his mind. He saves a drowning person, Graham, who offers him a reward. ‘Anything. ‘ he said. Jason asks him to get Rotterdam emission control targets. He later realised that Graham was actually the prime minister, and his promise to get Jason anything he wants gets caught by reporters. Graham and the ministry will do anything to stop Jason from getting emission control targets. After their third attempt, they succeeded. Now who will save the planet? Read the book to find out!