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City of Ghosts

City of Ghosts is a Paranormal fiction book by Victoria Schwab. It is about a girl called Cassidy Blake. After a close encounter with death, she was able to see ghosts, and ended getting a best friend who is a ghost. One day, she met someone who was also like her: a ghost hunter. Their job is to send ghosts on from the veil to the beyond. The ghosts are stuck in the place between life death, and it’s Cassidy’s job to send them off to the beyond. But that wasn’t the end of it. An evil ghost called the Raven in Red stole souls of kids so that she can live longer. And she was after one thing only now: Cassidy’s lifeline, which could bring her back to life. After she had succeded stealing Cass’s lifeline, Cassidy had to get it back, with the help of her friends, before the time ran out. So she worked with her best friend Jacob the ghost, and her new friend Lara the ghost hunter, she finally tricked the Raven in Red into giving back her life. This book was awesome in so many levels. There was Jacob’s humour, and there was the thrill of ghosts.

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