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The Land of Stories, book one: The Wishing Spell

The Wishing Spell is a book by Chris Colfer. Alex and Conner Bailey were twins, but they couldn’t have been more different. Alex was a smart, studious girl, while her brother could be lazy, and yet had a sense of humor which sometimes got him into trouble. After their dad’s death when they were eleven, their lives changed drastically. They had to move to a smaller house, and they could rarely see their mom, who was always at work. But they had a small ray of light: their grandmother. On their twelveth birthday, she gave them a book about fairy tales, which magically teleported them to the Land of Stories. More surprisingly, all the famous fairy tale heroes were alive. Cinderella was even pregnant, and Goldilocks was an outcast. But they couldn’t stay in that land, they had to find a way back to their world. A kind frog man told them of a Wishing Spell, which could fulfill any wish. They just had to get the materials for the spell. Though there was a catch. The Wishing Spell could be done only twice, and it was used once before, so there was only one wish left. Worse, Snow White’s Evil stepmother had escaped from the dungeons, and was looking for the spell too! So now it was a race, and the Bailey twins had to finish the spell before the Evil Queen, or they would be stuck in the land of stories. This book was really enjoyable. I was impresed at Alex’s knowledge, and Conners humour and wry remarks made me laugh.

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