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Conceal, Don’t Feel

Conceal, don’t feel is a book by Jen Calonita. Almost everyone has heard of the movie Frozen, which young fans enjoyed watching on the big screen. Not to mention Frozen 2, released around 2019. This book is an alternate version of the beloved movie. Imagine if Anna and Elsa didn’t know each other. How will their story turn out? What would change, and what would stay the same? Elsa, the future queen of Arendelle, holds a lot of responsibility and expectations over her head. Yet, she always felt that a crucial part of her was missing. And when her parents died unexpectedly, lost in sea, Elsa’s powers started appearing. Not only that, but she started getting flashbacks, memories which she couldn’t remember happening, and all of them, included a red-headed girl. Olaf was formed, still remembering Anna, and Elsa desperately started searching for answers. Anna, on the other hand, lived in a town called Harmon, with her adopted parents in a bakery. She couldn’t remember a chunk of her life, and yet, she always felt that Arendelle was calling her, reaching out towards her. After a disastrous coronation, when the folk of Arendelle found about Elsa’s, power, Elsa ran to the mountains, acting her famous ‘Let it go’ scene, just no singing this time. And Anna, after hearing what happened in Arendelle, started getting her memory back, piece by piece. Companied with a talkng snow man, a reindeer called Sven, and Kristof, she set out to find the truth. This book was amazing. The author changed the events, but still managed to keep it true to his original form. Even though a lot of things changed, some parts didn’t. For example, Anna was still chasing after Elsa, winter still surrounded Arendelle, the Duke of Weselton (weasel town) was still overbearing, and Hans was still a snake (metaphorically speaking of course). And the famous ‘Anna punching Hans’ scene still made me smile.

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