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13 Reasons Why_Jay Asher: Full Review and Analysis

I am not normally a suspense reader. I rather prefer fantasy books. They are simple, and yet complete. But when i picked up this book, I knew it would have a lasting effect on me.

The basic script of this book is simple: A girl commits suicide, and leaves cassete tapes with thirteen reasons why she did it. But the book is anything but simple. Every sentence, every page, had a deepness in it, and it was bursting with emotion. A lot of times, i had to stop the book, when it got too emotional for me, but i ended up picking it up again and again. Why? The reason is simple. It was just… Amazing. So there is a girl, called Hannah Baker, who committed suicide, but before that, left some people a box of cassete tapes, in each two reasons why she gave up on her life. There was a warning in it too. The messages in the tapes had to be passed around to everyone who was on her list, everyone who was a part in this. This story is told from the point of a boy called Clay. He was also in the list, though he didnt know why, and he went through all the tapes, and found out that there was more going on underneath Hannah’s head that met the eye. Depression is common for young adults, especially in high school, and to much could make someone kill themselves. This whole book was so emotional, and sad, told from two points, Hannah’s tapes, and Clay’s narrative. There is a reason why this book was deemed worthy of being and original Netflix series. The whole lesson behind the plot was clear. Even though Hannah made the decision herself to commit suicide, it was the cause of many, many personal issues. So the meaning is, be careful of how you treat someone, or what you say to them, as you never know what they were going through. Taken apart, all of the reasons where short remarks, a few rumors, ect. But when it was all put together, it unbearable. I will still stick to fantasy, but this book gave me a fresh perspective about life.

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