Hey guys! Diana here. Welcome to my first ever blog. I am 13 years old and I entered my teen years a few months ago. I am Pisces. The book and all the things above are the things I usually use for writing stuff, such as reviews. My favourite animals are cats and birds, though my spirit animal is the wolf. I like doing outdoor activities though my favourites are badminton and basketball.I also enjoy painting, reading, and making crafts. This is the introduction page for my blog. During the horror known as the Corona virus, I was getting bored being stuck inside so I started my own blog. I hope you all will stay safe from the Corona virus. Social distancing really helps, and wear masks everytime you go outside. Also, keep a small bottle of sanitizer in your pocket, or a big bottle of sanitizer in your car. I hope you guys enjoyed my introduction, and I hope you will enjoy my future posts. Stay safe!