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The Maze Runner

The Maze runner is a novel by James Dashner. It is a sci-fi young adult book. The proganist in this novel is a teen boy, who has lost all his memory, apart from his name; Thomas.The setting is really suspenseful, and some characters talk in unknown slang.There are a few new terms in the book, which are explained later on. The protagonist, Thomas, turns up in a mysterious place, with no idea of how he got there. He soon found out that he and other guys were sent there with their memories erased. This place was called the Glade. It was surrounded by concrete walls, which shut every night. Behind the walls, there is a huge labyrinth maze, which is patrolled by monsters called grievers. The glader’s mission was to survive, and solve the maze and escape. When a mysterious girl turn up to the glade, half dead, and seemed to know Thomas, the other gladers started suspecting him, thinking that he is a spy sent by the ‘Creators’. The fact tha the girl (Theresa) and Thomas could talk in each other’s mind. But, when the sun disappears, and the gates which both protect and confine the gladers stopped closing, allowed grievers to enter the glade. This led tragedy and deaths. This book was very interesting, and filled with awesome science. I totally recommend it!