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Heart of flames by Nicki Pau Preto

In this sequel to Crown of Feathers, Veronyka’s identity as a female was known, but now, people started doubting her. Then when she found out her true heritage and her family, things started getting even more nerve-racking. Her sister was her aunt, her mother was a queen, and her father thought she was dead. Her figurative sister/biological aunt Avalkyra Asfire wanted the throne, and she would kill everyone and anyone in her way. She would even bring another blood war, and would make a deal with the phoenix riders worst enemy: The empire. I really enjoyed this book so much, it was filled with fantasy, and I was sad that it finished. Not to mention it ended in a cliffhanger, and I have to wait till next year to read the next book.

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Crown of Feathers

Crown of Feathers is a book by Nicki Pau Preto. It is a Fantasy book, and an amazing one at that. It is about a girl called Veronyka, and her sister Val. They are animagus, people who can understand animals better than regular humans. Animagus usually became phoenix riders, people who rode the sky on these magnificent birds. Veronyka’s greatest desire was to become one of them. Unfortunately, during the blood wars, the empire and the phoenix riders separated, and phoenix riders were thought to be destroyed. But Veronyka wouldn’t give up hope. When her sister came home with two phoenix eggs, only one hatched, and bonded with Veronyka, while Val was left alone. But her sister soon betrayed her, and Veronyka left to try to find phoenix riders. After finding them, she discovered they only allow boys to join their ranks. But Veronyka simply pretended she was a boy! This was an amazing fantasy read, full of vibrant feelings and emotion. It was powerful, and very beautiful. This book is now one of my favorites.

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A Series of Unfortunate events (ASOUE)

I have finally finished reading this series, and I decided to write a review about it. In this review, I will write briefly about all 13 books. Series by Lemony Snicket.

ASOUE starts in the book ‘A Bad Beginning’ where the Baudelaire’s, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, learn their parents died, and their new guardian is Count Olaf, a vile man distantly related to the Baudelaires. This evil man will stop at nothing to get the Baudelaires fortune, which they inherited from their parents. In all the books, he comes after them, with his evil henchmen, trying to get his hands on the fortune.

In book 2, ‘The Reptile Room’ the Baudelaires are handed to Uncle Monty, who, unlike Count Olaf, seemed like a nice man. He took care of the Baudelaire orphans. But it didn’t last, as Olaf showed up again.

‘The Wide Window’ is next. The Baudelaires were looked after their Aunt Josephine, who was scared of everything, and loved Grammer. But she was shadowed by a loss of Ilk, her husband. She didn’t last long either.

In ‘The Miserable Mill’ the Baudelaires are handed to a mill to work, and the workers could protect them from Olaf. They had to eat gum as a meal. Needless to say, they did not enjoy their stay.

‘The Austere Acadamy’ was when The Baudelaires were sent to boarding school for protection. They had to deal with annoying Principal Nero, who mocked them at every opportunity, and a horrid girl, Carmelita spats, who always called them ‘cakesniffers’. Not all was bad, they met the Quagmire Triplets, though there were only 2 of them. They to were orphans with a fortune. That’s why they were kidnapped In the end of the book.

Book 6, ‘The Ersatz Elevator’ they went to Jerome and Esmé, a fancy couple. Esmé was always with what’s ‘In’ , while Jerome was timid. They were not the best couple, as will be understood at the end of this book.

‘The Vile Village’, a terrible village filled with crows, where the Baudelaire’s had to do a lot of work everyday. They met a kind handyman, who took care of them, and showed them a secret he was working on.

‘The Hostile Hospital’, a terrible half finished hospital, where the Baudelaires worked incognito. Then Violet, the oldest, was taken, and Sunny and Klaus had to get her back.

In ‘The Carnivorous Carnival’, the Baudelaires were stuck in the boot of Olaf’s car, not that he knew. They followed him to a strange carnival, with a strange fortune woman.

The Slippery Slope. Sunny was taken by Olaf, and Violet and Klaus had to climb a slippery mountain slope to the top. They also met up with someone totally unexpected.

‘The Grim Grotto’ was when the Baudelaires met up with the Queequeg crew, and join together to find the mysterious suger bowl.

Book 12, ‘the Penultimate Peril’, Kit Snicket brings them to a hotel, with two brothers, Frank and Ernest. Frank is a volunteer, while Ernest is an enemy. But they both look so alike the Baudelaires can’t tell who is who.

The last Book, ‘The End’, The Baudelaires and Count Olaf were trapped in a boat and landed on a mysterious island, led by a man called Ishmael.

This series was very interesting and mysterious, filled with twists, turns, and villans.