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Tom & Rose

My old pets .1

When I was about 9 years old, my parents got me and Ant our first pets: Budgies! Ant had gotten a blue one, whom he named Tom. I had gotten a beautiful pink one, whom I named Rose. At that time, I didn’t know much about bird genders. I just assumed that Rose was female because she was pink, and Tom was a boy because he was blue. It was after they were gone when I realized the it was in fact vice versa (complete opposite) so I changed their names into ‘Tammy’ and ‘Ross’. At first, me and Ant were really excited about our pets. We read them stories, watched TV with them, and even tried playing Tic-tac-toe with them. Whichever box they looked at, I put their sign over there. Needless to say, I always won. But those happy memories didn’t last long. After one month Ross (still Rose at that time) became seriously sick and I had to give him away. I never really found out if he survived or died. We had to give Tom away as well, because I couldn’t look at him without bursting into tears. For a long time after that, we didn’t dare toget any pets.
(Photography by my Mom)

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Meadowland by Thomas Holt

Meadowland by Thomas Holt is a historical fiction book about the discovery of America by the Vikings. At the time it was known as Meadowland. This was around 450 years before Christopher Columbus. This is a book about a man named John Stetathus, in the year 1030.He was chosen to accompany the army payroll to Sicily, with wagons filled with gold. With him was Harold, who was kicked out of being the rightful king of Norway, Kari, and Eyvind, who both went together to meadowland 5 times. Their wagon wheel broke between Sparta and Corinth, and they had to call a blacksmith from Sparta. Kari and Eyvind told John their story, how they went to Meadowland once with Bjarni, then Leif Erikson, then his brother Thorvald, Then Bits, and lastly Freydis. They almost went with Thorstein, but didn’t make it. This is a very informative book about the discovery of Meadowland. I really enjoyed reading it.

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My books

It was an usual day today, apart from the shawarma, which my mom made for me and Ant for breakfast. In case you don’t know, shawarma is a famous Arabian dish.

It is a roll with meat and vegetables. My mom made mine and Ant’s shawarma with egg, cheese and vegetables. Today, I will talk about my books and my migration. I lived in Dubai for 12 years, and then moved to my home country. As I said in my intro, I love reading. I loved reading stories since I was about 5. In the second migration, I managed to bring a few books with me, though my brother managed to bring almost all off his books with him. I managed to bring Meadowland, 2 Goosebumps stories, The slave-girl from Jerusalem, Magnus Chase nine through the nine worlds, and all my encyclopedias. But those books are not enough though. I have read almost all the books in the house, including Ant’s and my mom’s. There is only one book I haven’t read, which belongs to my mother. It’s called Eleven minutes. My mom told me not read that because it’s not good for my age. So I am basically just re-reading all the books. Granted, I had read all my old books as well, so it would not make a difference even if I had them with me. But still, it would have been more books then Ant, and more books to re-read.

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The wonderful wizard of Oz is a book by L. Frank Baum. It is about a little orphan girl called Dorothy, who lives in a farm with her uncle Henry and aunt Em. She also has a small black dog named Toto. They all live in Kansas where everything is grey and dull. One day hurricane came and ripped the house from the ground, taking Toto and Dorothy with it. They came to the land of the Munchkins, and their friend the good witch of the North. Dorothy has to find her way back to Kansas, and on her way to the city of emeralds, she finds some good friends; the scarecrow who wants a brain, the tin Woodman who wants a heart, and the cowardly lion who wants some courage. Together they have to fight some challenges to get what they desire. This is a really fascinating book and I really enjoyed the part where Dorothy defeats the Wicked Witch of the West with a bucket of water. I believe this is a really amazing book.

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day in lockdown

Today, I was woken up by some loud working noises. They were so loud that I couldn’t go back to sleep. My brother, Anthony -I call him Ant for short – also sleeps in my room. Our beds are side by side in this tiny apartment room. Thinking about rooms makes me miss my old room. It was much bigger than this room and all of my old things were there. Mostly my books because I don’t have any toys. My train of thought was rudely interrupted by some loud banging. Later, I found out it was a Carpenter who came to fix my parents bathroom door. I went to take a bath, and then I went to eat my breakfast. It was yoghurt a banana and two sandwiches, which my mother made. After breakfast I watched half an hour of TV, then I went to read. I love reading, it is my favorite pastime.  My father comes back from work at around 5:30. We all then eat dinner, play a few games, and change into our PJs. Usually our parents tell us their past stories before bed. Then me and Ant go to our respective beds to retire for the day.
And that’s my average day.

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The Pine Islands

”The Pine islands” is a book written by Marion Poschmann. Originally it was written in German, but it was translated into English by Jen Caleja. It is the first book of Marion to be translated. It is a fiction book about a man called Gilbert Silvester, who is a journeyman lecturer, and researches trends on beards in films. One night, he woke up from a nightmare that his wife Matilda cheated on him. He quickly and quietly fled to Tokyo, Japan. During his travel crisis, he decided to go and see the moon rise over the pine Islands in Matsushima. On the way, he meets a young japanese student named Yosa, who is trying to commit suicide. Both man venture on together, through  many forests and difficulties, and also with Yosa trying to find the perfect way and place to kill himself. He finally kills himself by jumping of a cliff. In the end Gilbert decided to call his wife and ask her to meet him in Tokyo. This is a nice book and I enjoyed the parts where Gilbert and Yosa are bonded together to write haikus. This is a really exhilarating book.