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The Diamond Girls by Jacqueline Wilson

The Diamond Girls is a book about a family of four girls, and a mother who is getting another child. But the girls aren’t sisters. They are half sisters. All of them are by different fathers. The story is told by the youngest, Dixie Diamond. They used to live in an apartment, but moved to a house, to make room for the next Diamond. But the house was nothing like they thought it was. It was old, and damaged. But Dixie still tried to help her mother set the house. The oldest, Martine, wasnt happy, and ran away. The sisters didn’t get along really well. The second oldest, Jude, always got in a lot of fights., While the third daughter, Rochelle, was very girly. When the child was born, the mother said it was a boy. But Dixie discovered otherwise. This book was a combination of funny, emotional, and a bit sad.

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