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Click’d is a book by Tamara Ireland Stone. A girl called Allie Navarro was chosen to enter an app contest, with the app she made: Click’d. Click’d is a friendship game, everyone has a leaderboard, which shows people who they have closest in common with, so they can make friends fast. But the leaderboard doesn’t show the people straight away. When someone starts the game, it’s empty, and they have to find the people. If someone is close, the screen lights up green, and there is a bloop sound. Is that person is even more close, it lights up yellow, and there are two bloops. And if it’s in a range of 50 meters, it turns red and there are three bloops. Then the games shows a hint of the person their finding, by sending a picture from that person’s instagram. When this game spreads through the school, it was a hit, and Allie was confident she would win the contest, and also beat her archenemy, Nathan, whose game was also chosen. But then things started going wrong, and she finds a glitch. She has to fix this glitch before the contest, which is only in a few days! This book was very interesting and exciting, there is also a sequel: Swap’d.

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