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Grandpa’s Great Escape

Grandpa’s Great Escape is a book by David Walliams, about a boy, Jack, and his grandpa. His grandpa used to be a flying ace in the world war two. This story was a long time after that. He started losing his memory, and started thinking it was the time of the world war two again. At first, Jack thought it was funny, but soon, it started getting dangerous, because grandpa would leave his home at night, and would do dangerous things, thinking he is still in the army. So he was sent to a old folks home, under the care of a sinister Matron Swine. No one believes Jack that it was a evil place, and he tries to get his grandpa out of there. This book was funny, but the ending was very sad and emotional. There was also a twist about Matron Swine, making the ending exciting.

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