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Warriors: Into the Wild

Into the wild is a novel by Erin Hunter. It is the first book in the Warriors series, which is divided into many subseries, with around 6 books each. This story is about a house cat Rusty, who finds some wild cats, who invite him into their clan. They offer him freedom and a better home. He joined them, because he wanted to be free, and so he wouldn’t go to ‘the cutter’ (vet). He later learns there are 4 warrior clans, Riverclan, windclan, shadowclan, and thunderclan. All the clans are against each other. The clan Rusty was invited to was the thunderclan. Over there, he got a new name: Firepaw, and started training as an apprentice, to become a warrior. This is a story of survival, a code of honour, and loyalty. When windclan was driven from their territory by shadow clan, things started getting even more tense. This book is so emotional and filled with fantasy. And this is only the first book! There are still so many left, and I am excited to read all of them.

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