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Front Lines

Front lines is a novel written by Michael Grant. It is a fiction book, set around the time of the world war 2, on the american side. This story is told by the view point of three girls. Rio Richlin, who joins the army to honor her dead sister who died in the navy, Frangie Marr, who is african-american and joined to support her family, since her father couldn’t work, and Rainy Schulterman, a new yorker who joined because she wanted to defeat the Germans and Hitler. Rio’s best friend Jenou had also joined the army. All of the girls had different paths in the army. Rio, who will literally fight in the front lines, Frangie is learning to be a medic in the army, and Rainy, who is training to be in an elite intelligence unit. All have different goals and problems in the army. This novel shows what each of them had to go through, to enlist and train in the army. This book was really inspiring, but also kind of intense.

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