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Awful Auntie by David Walliams

When 12 year old Lady Stella Saxby woke up in her room, covered in bandages, she couldn’t remember anything about the accident. Her aunt Alberta told her that her parents died in a car accident, and that only Stella survived. But Auntie Alberta was on a mission to rid Stella from her inheritence: The Saxby Mansion. With the parents out of the way, it was the perfect opportunity to seize the mansion. But in Stella’s father’s will, he specifically mentioned that the house will go to Stella, and not her Aunt. He even said if she didn’t survive, it will be donated to charity. The aunt really wanted the house, but she had to keep Stella alive, because she didn’t know where were the house’s deeds. She tried to get Stella to tell her, even locked her in a celler. But Stella met a young ghost called Soot. Together, they made sure the mansion would never go to Aunt Alberta and her fierce great bavarian owl, Wagner. This book was really emotional, and the ending was beautiful (for Stella). There was also a hidden secret about soot, which even he didn’t know. This book was really funny as well.

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