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Goosebumps the movie

Goosebumps was Directed by Rob letterman, and was based on R. L. Stine’s ‘Goosebumps’. Zach cooper, acted by Dylan Minnette, moved to Madison from New York City with his mother after his father’s death. While settling, he meets his neighbor, Hannah Stine (Odeya Rush) and her overly protective father, R. L. Stine (Jack Black). He warns Zach to stay away from Hannah, but he didn’t listen, and still hung out with her. He was warned again, and he thought something bad will happen to Hannah, so he and his new friend Champ broke into the house, after tricking Stine to go to the police station. It was then that they accidentally opened a locked book and released a monster. The abominable Snowman. With Hannah’s help, they managed to trap him back in the book. When Stine found out, he revealed that he was R. L. Stine, and that the books were prisons for the monsters he accidentally created by writing books. But Slappy was also accidentally released, and he wanted revenge on Stine. He released all the Monsters from the books to make an army, and burned the books so they couldn’t be captured. So Stine, Hannah, Zach and Champ had to try to get them, and finally did, in the end, after making another book.

I am a huge Goosebumps fan, and I really enjoyed this movie. It was fun trying to find out who each monster was, and from which book. This movie was the perfect blend of Adventure and Horror.

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