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Dragon Daughter

Dragon Daughter is a book by Liz Flanagan. It is about a servent girl, Milla who witnessed a murder of a man, and ended up with four dragon eggs. She tried to keep her eggs safe, but they were soon found out by another servent, who told the master of the house. When the eggs hatched, the dragons bonded with her and her friends. She and her friends and dragons had to go and live in the home of the Duke, his wife, and son, who was also bonded with one of the four dragons and was the betrothed of Milla’s friend. At first they tried to keep their dragons, but soon it was found out, and people from all over the world came to see the dragons, because before that every one thought dragons were only myths. Milla also has another dilemma, trying to find out who her family were. This book was amazing, the cover was so beautiful, I was really caught by it.

(I had to download the cover pic online because I read this book in a library and don’t have a pic of the book.)

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